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Hibba Chaudhry


Bachelor of Accounting (Co-op)


Hibba studies a Bachelor of Accounting Co-Op, and when she’s not studying or working, she enjoys painting on canvas and exploring the city with her friends. Her aim for 2023 is to learn to cook her mother’s recipes and adopt a rabbit!


Hibba’s female role model is Australian businesswoman and CEO of Macquarie Group, Shemara Wikramanayake. Hibba finds that Shemara is a source of inspiration to all girls who dream of equality and breaking the gender bias, having not only established a successful career as a woman of colour, but also being named the highest-paid CEO in Australia. Hibba also finds her admirable through the ways she actively takes initiative in giving back, having funded multiple education scholarships to help children from developing countries obtain a tertiary education.

Hibba’s favourite thing about WiB is that it fosters a sense of camaraderie between its members and seeks to inspire. She says, “The WiB society is always enthusiastic about holding events and activities that provide opportunities for us to develop new skills, network and gain exposure to industries.”

Her Career:


Hibba has completed a six-month internship at Macquarie Group in their Macquarie Capital division. Currently, she is a high school tutor and UTS Student Ambassador, and her plan for the foreseeable future is to continue developing her skill-set and to try new things to gain further experience before deciding upon her career destination.

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