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Tash Sloman

Engagements Director

Bachelor of Laws

Favourite Aspects of WiB:

Whether you come from business, law or engineering WiB is a society that is inclusive to everyone. Not only do we offer amazing social activities, great networking opportunities and useful skill building events but we foster the best community that makes our society beneficial as well as enjoyable to be a part of!

Career Aspirations:


When I graduate I would love to work for an entertainment company as in-house counsel. With our countless sponsors WiB has helped me to connect with businesses and organisations who have their own in-house teams so I can learn the skills needed for my career and network with people in my field. Importantly, WiB has also led me to meet people who share my career interest so I can interact likeminded students and share my experiences.

Female Role Model:

My female role model would have to be my grandma! Since her late 20's she has developed a career as a well renowned phycologist working within the academic sphere, establishing her own practise and pioneering countless initiatives such as the first Australian psycology helpline. At 82, today she still finds time to work a few days a week not only supporting her long standing clients but continuing to follow her career passion.

Fun Facts!

Outside of uni I love to spend my time doing visual arts. At the moment I am refining my oil painting skills but I also enjoy to do ceramics and watercolour. Aside from this I’m also an avid baker and cook. Baking as a form of procrastination is my speciality, but at least my family is benefiting when I'm avoiding a 3000 word essay!

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