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Jenna Wall

Events Co-Director

Bachelor of Laws



Jenna studies a Bachelor of Laws, and has been a singer her whole life. She has recently joined a band that gigs around the Inner West every weekend, and has also signed up for a triathlon at the end of last year. Hopping onto the disposable camera trend, Jenna has also fallen in love with film photography and is now three cameras deep!


Jenna’s female role model is her Mum. As a first-generation immigrant, Jenna’s Mum overcame extreme adversities throughout her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, and she in turn consistently modelled the importance of empathetic leadership, clear communication and goal orientation. Jenna is inspired by the ways her Mum shows her to be a strong, independent and courageous woman, both personally and professionally.

Jenna’s favourite thing about WiB is the chance to foster incredible professional connections and build a great community of like-minded friends. She says, “Everyone at WiB is so encouraging and welcoming to new members, and it is an incredible way to make new friends at university!”

Her Career:

Jenna works part-time as a paralegal at a migration law firm, and since her early teenage years has always been highly passionate about everything crime, whether it be unsolved cases or recent legal reforms. She has been in the workforce from a young age, and in addition has acquired volunteer, retail, hospitality experience that has translated into a strong work ethic and strong collaboration and organisational skills.

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