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Samiksha Vaidya

Publications Director

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business

Favourite Aspects of WiB:

My favourite thing about WiB is the amazing and supportive community that it fosters. One of my favourite events that WiB held last year was sponsorship speed dating which was a fantastic opportunity to meet all of our sponsors and network with them and find out about all the opportunities they had to offer and job applications tips.


Career Aspirations:


As a graduate I want to be a practising Lawyer, the skills which I've learnt from WiB workshops and tips which I've picked up from the various networking events we hold will assist me in crafting a good job application that will assist me in landing my dream role.

Female Role Model:

Taylor Swift. I mean do I really need to explain... Taylor is an absolute queen who has absolutely revolutionised the music industry and set the standards high. By watching her break records and win Grammy's she inspires all women to dream big.

Fun Facts!

In my spare time I love to dance, in particular at the moment I'm learning a form of Indian classical dance called 'Bharatnatyam' which takes 7 years to become trained as dancer. Currently I'm in my 5th year! Just the final push now!


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