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Ness Lee

Vice President

Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Favourite Aspects of WiB:

My favourite aspect of WiB is the social aspect of our society. As a student led society, I feel that there are many opportunities to meet link-minded women, and to make new friendships.

Career Aspirations:


When I graduate, I plan to secure a graduate position that allows me to work in both the business and IT fields. I'm not entirely sure what this will look like yet, but I think that working with IT and software start-ups at an incubator type company is a viable route. I would be able to utilise my business knowledge and acumen, whilst also understanding some of the intricacies of the digital services provided by clients.

Female Role Model:

My female role model is Serena Williams. Serena is arguably the most successful female tennis player. She spent 319 weeks at world number 1, and continued dominating major Grand Slams even after having children, which is rare in elite sport. She shows us that women can have both a family life and a successful career.

Fun Facts!

My most recent hobby is crochet. I find the whole process very therapeutic and satisfying. I also enjoy scuba diving and baking.

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