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Aarushi Thakur.jpg

Aarushi Thakur

Engagements Director

Bachelor of Business


Studying a Bachelor of Business, Aarushi also loves painting and ice-skating, and impressively earnt her black belt in taekwondo when she was fifteen!


Aarushi’s female role model is Melanie Perkins, as both an Australian and a global figure. Melanie is also one of the youngest female CEOs, with Canva valued at over $1 billion AUD! Aarushi admires the way in which she founded Canva without any Silicon Valley connections.

Aarushi’s favourite thing about WiB is collaborating with other like-minded, passionate and amazing women. She says, “There are also so many opportunities for growth!”

Her Career:


Aarushi currently works at a medical centre alongside tutoring high school students, both of which she finds extremely rewarding through the opportunity to help people on any scale.

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