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Lauren Walford


Bachelor of Business (HR & Business Law)

Favourite Aspects of WiB:

The fact that theres always new people to meet. as someone just entering the business space, the opportunities that wib has provided through panelist and sponsorships events are invaluable. There are so many people with different paths into business.

Career Aspirations:

I am open to anything to do with HR although i'm not sure at the moment, the experiences that ive learnt through my roles at wib as well as the opportunity to meet people from so many different sectors of business is very encouraging in my search.

Female Role Model:

My mentor from last year's spring mentoring program, Jessica. Her knowledge and experience of HR hiring processes and corporate culture were invaluable. Jessica was nothing but warm and welcoming to me as a first year who was just beginning to understand corporate hr. I felt taken under her wing and I can only hope that one day I can offer someone the level of support that i felt my her in this program.

Fun Facts!

I love sudoku, bingo all day everyday, netball and umpiring as well as testing Sydney's dirty chai market!

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