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Julia Lo Russo

Vice President


Bachelor of Accounting (Co-op)


Julia is coming into her second year with WiB as Vice President, after joining the society as a second-year student in the Events Team. 


Julia has a strong passion for female empowerment and seeing women succeed in all aspects of life. Growing up playing soccer, Julia saw the disparity between men and women on the football field and again after beginning her career as an intern at a global insurance firm. Because of this, she loves being part of WiB, not only to provide women with the opportunities to succeed, but also the confidence and networks to seize those opportunities and reduce the disparities between men and women in the workforce. 


Through this role, Julia aims to bring a greater sense of community in WiB, providing members with exposure to more sponsor companies, more events and more like-minded women. Julia stands by that “If WiB can build the confidence of one girl, or connect one member to her dream company, then WiB has succeeded in its purpose.” 


Outside WiB, Julia loves to bake desserts and bread and share it with her friends and family. She also loves to play and coach soccer in her local community. 

Her Career:


Julia is in her final year of a Co-Op degree, which gives her the opportunity of two six month internships. At the end of 2020 she completed a role with QBE Insurance in Financial Planning and Analysis and is currently working at Westpac Banking Corporation in Financial Control and Statutory Reporting. She plans to continue working in Finance at companies dedicated to the promotion and development of women. 

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