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Emma Thornthwaite

Sponsorship Subcommittee



Bachelor of Accounting Co-op

Fun Fact:


Emma loves everything to do with the water & ocean - surfing, SUPing, water polo & swimming!

Her Career:


In 2019 and 2020, Emma was a youth representative at the Australasia Student Alliance Network Group where she was in charge of examining the portrayal of women in the media, particularly well-known businesswomen. Emma has also gained experience in the field of business working for the surf brand, Rip Curl. More recently, Emma has been working as a consultant for UNICEF, a humanitarian aid organisation, with her team at the UTS Consulting Club. She looks forward to further developing her business skills in her upcoming 6-month internship in the latter half of 2022.

Future Aspirations:

When Emma graduates from university, she would love to work in the corporate field of finance and at an NGO, where she can use her leadership to create change.

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