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Alicia Kaitlyn Wibawa

Marketing Subcommittee (Content Creation)



Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)

Fun Fact:

Alicia loves anything related to makeup and fashion. She enjoys drawing too during her spare time. She loves sports like roller skating, ice skating and rock climbing! Frequently late for things as she is not a morning person and takes forever to get ready :)

Her Career:


Emma has previously completed an internship with Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) in the strategy team. This was an amazing opportunity to use and improve her financial skills. She is excited to hopefully gain more professional experience this year.

Future Aspirations:

Since it’s her first year, she doesn’t have much experience in the business world but hopefully, Alicia can land some internships later this year. However,  she has made my own small business back in high school which has taught her a lot about marketing, accounting and management. Alicia has also worked for an art store, handling the digital marketing.

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