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Diya Singla.jpg

Diya Singla

Events Subcommittee


Bachelor of Accounting Co-op

Fun Fact:

Diya is a huge film buff; her favourite movie is ‘You’ve Got Mail’!

Her Career:


In 2019, under the NSW Girls in Property competition, Diya collaborated with like-minded women across NSW, as well as with Dexus and Urbis, to develop property models for underdeveloped communities in the Northern Territory. She is also part of the UTS consulting club and hopes to develop her business and consulting skills in her upcoming 6-month internship.

Future Aspirations:

After Diya graduates, she wants to work in finance and strategy. In the far future, she aspires to move up the career ladder and become a symbol of diversity in leadership (just like Shemara Wikramanayake)

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