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Aelinda Truong

Engagements Director


Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII)


Aelinda has been part of WiB for three years, joining the society in her second year as a member, then became an Engagements - Internal Associate in her third year and  is now entering her final year as the Engagements Director. Aelinda has a passion for women empowerment and gender equality. 


In her role as Enagements Director, Aelinda seeks to provide opportunities for WiB members to network, develop new skills and gain exposure to industries. She manages the mentoring programs at WiB and hopes to assist first years in transitioning to university in providing them with tips, knowledge and skills. 


​Aelinda is currently in her final year of her combined degree. She is an energetic, creative and ambitious person with a drive to help others. Aelinda enjoys meeting new people, problem solving and challenging herself.


Her Career:


Aelinda is currently completing an internship at Aware Super where she is an Enterprise Delivery and Transformation intern. She is interested in the intersection of Marketingm Technology, Strategy and Transformation. Aelinda would love to travel for work in the near future and inspire young women.

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