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Alexia Uri

Events Director

Bachelor of Business

Favourite Aspects of WiB:

My favourite aspect of WiB is the lifelong connections it can make, both on a social and professional level. Through WiB, I’ve been presented with numerous opportunities that allow me to collaborate and learn alongside like minded women with the same interests.

Career Aspirations:

When I graduate, I aim to pursue a career in either consulting or marketing. Very different, I know! But I enjoy learning about both, I can’t choose! Currently, I am exploring opportunities with Deloitte and other global firms. My goal is to join a company that offers international exposure, allowing me to explore new opportunities and cultures worldwide. By joining WiB, I believe I can definitely achieve my goal! WiB provides a platform for connecting with industry professionals and participating in mentorship programs, which can offer invaluable guidance and support during the job application process. Additionally, WiB fosters a supportive community and facilitates learning and growth, which are crucial in securing opportunities at global firms.

Female Role Model:

My female role model is Jane Lu because of her inspiring journey from corporate finance to founding her own successful business, Showpo. Her story is particularly inspiring to me because of her unwavering courage and determination in overcoming numerous challenges, such as secretly quitting her 9-5 job, grappling with a significant amount of debt, and navigating a failed business venture. She significantly reshaped the online retail game and has built a global brand while continuing to represent successful women in business.

Fun Facts:

I love travelling and exploring new destinations! I also enjoy reformer pilates and organising cute dinners with my friends. I also do a bit of sewing!

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